About Our Business
Syzygy Engineering was established as a sole proprietorship in 1996 by William Ivancic to provide consulting on advanced communication systems and communication networks.  Due to our expanding services offerings, as of August 2016, Syzygy is now a Limited Liability Company.

Over the years we have expanded our offering to include System Engineering, Prototype Design and Development, Testing, Application Development, Programming, Training and Project Management,

Mr. Ivancic, principle of Syzygy Engineering, has over thirty-four years experience in network and system engineering for communication applications, communication networking research, state-of-the-art digital, analog and RF hardware design and testing. He expertise is in network centric technologies for space, aeronautics and terrestrial systems. Mr. Ivancic has performing research and development on Identity-based security and key and policy management and distribution for tactical mobile networks. Mr. Ivancic’s research includes: high-speed reliable data transport protocols, store-carry-and-forward protocols, and adaptive dynamic networking including cognitive networking. Of particular interest are large scale, secure deployment of mobile and disconnected-intermittent-limited (DIL) networks and associated technologies including: mobile-ip, mobile router technology and Store, Carry and Forwarding protocols such as Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN)

Major accomplishments include:

  • 1st to demonstrate and deploy  secure mobile networks in an operational government network, the US Coast Guard
  • 1st to deploy Mobile-IP Mobile networking on a space-based asset, the Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit (CLEO)
  • 1st to deploy Internet Protocol  security (IPsec) and Internet Protocol version 6 on a space-base asset
  • 1st to deploy delay/disruption network technology bundling protocol in space.
  • 1st to demonstrate space-based large file transfers over multiple ground stations using DTN bundling. Experiments exercised proactive and reactive bundle fragmentation and International interoperability using standard Internet protocols.
  • 1st to perform mobility testing of AeroMACS on an airport (runway testing)
  • 1st to demonstrate direct-to-the-pilot FAA System Wide Information Management (SWIM)  access over the AeroMACS system.
  • NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal for pioneering research in secure mobile networking technologies.

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