AIAA Network Centric Operations (NCO) Program Planning Committee

10 January 2007

Reno, Nevada



"A brief Tutorial on IPv6, Key Concepts and Network Centric Operations," by Will Ivancic

Understanding_IPv6, (Power Point, file size 1.2 Mbytes)


"Global IP Network Mobility using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)," by Andrew L. Dul of Boeing. Presentation was not given due to time but provided for completeness

Global_IP_Mobility_IETF, (Power Point, file size 5.9 Mbytes)


"Multi-Domained, Multi-Homed Mobile Networks," by Will Ivancic of NASA and Terry Davis of Boeing. Originally given at 65th IETF in San Diego

IETF67nemo-monami6-final, (Power Point, file size 664 kbytes)


"IP-v6 Drivers for Aviation & Usage Concepts," by Terry Davis of Boeing with a few added slides on Eurocontrol's IPv6 addressing concepts. Only a small portion of this presentation was given due to time.

IPv6-Drivers_and_Concepts_for_the_Aviation_Industry_Eurocontrol, (Power Point, file size 1.124 Mbytes)


"EUROCONTROL IPv6 Addressing and Autonomous System Numbers," International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Aeronautical Communications Panel (ACP) Sub-Working Group N-1 Working Paper 1108, 09 Nov 2006. This paper was not presented, but in included for completeness

WP1108 EUROCONTROL IPv6 ASN Addressing, (MS Word Document, file size 332 kbytes)


"Space-Based Network Centric Operations Research," by Will Ivancic. A presentation of current research being funded by NASA's Earth Science Technology Office regarding sensor webs and delay tolerant networking.

Space-Based NCO Research, (Power Point, file size 9.867 Mbytes)


"Space-Based NCO Research," a summary of work by the Space Communication Architecture Working Group (SCAWG) Network and Security Architecture Teams

And Constellation Project Command Control Communication and Information (C3I). Slide are directly form the Space Communication Architecture Working Group (SCAWG) final report entitled, "NASA Space Communication and Navigation Architecture Recommendations for 2005-2030."

NASA Space-base NCO Architecture, (Power Point, file size 746 kbytes)


"Constellation Program Command, Control, Communications and Information (C3I) Overview of the Preliminary Concepts," a summary of publicly releasable information on the Network Centric Aspects of the Constellation Program. (Due to time constraints, only slides 14 through 16 of this presentation that were given. These slides point out problems associated with trying to apply IPv4 to the mobile environment that will be encountered by the Constellation Program and the ability of IPv6 to potentially solve those problems rather easily. This work is being monitored by the CCSDS Sis-Lunar working group.)

Constellation C3I Overview, (Power Point, file size 5.094 Mbytes)



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